Advait, the director of ieye, designed his first website twenty years ago. In that time I've witnessed the internet grow and develop and ieye stay at the forefront of web development and possibilities.

I have always designed websites with content management systems (CMS). This allows site contributors to update and revise content and expand the site simply, but where the design and structure are protected from any accidental change or damage. Lately Joomla is my CMS technology of choice.

ieye offer a complete web service, including tailor made hosting on any scale, search machine optimisation and marketing.

Here are some of my sites;

spookschaf A CMS site for a furniture maker and artist.
A clean, fresh design for a site with both a public side and a private, members area.
A beautiful, very visual site created in Flash.
A small site with CMS for a group of composers and musicians.
A simple, clean, HTML site.
A portfolio site for an artist.
This is an example of a totally 'user driven' web site.

ieye designed the look and structure of the site then turned this design into simple-to-use templates. These are layouts containing all the design elements, with built in areas that the site owner can fill with evolving content. This kind of site is editable and updateable by anyone with basic computer skills - if you can use a web browser then you can update a site like this without fear of 'damaging' it. Many levels of protection are built in, only authorised users can update the pages and the design itself is protected from change.

The site was designed to give visual appeal to a company with very little existing visual assets. Use of photography and images is designed to 'brighten up' the message of the network of managers.

Content is added and edited every day, keeping the site fresh and informative. Since ieye redesigned this site, traffic to the site has increased dramatically, but most importantly, visitors return to view the new content constantly.

Another example of a CMS site, all content including movie files and downloadable media can be edited by the client.
A webshop for an educational sheet music publishing company, again incorporating CMS. This allows the publisher to update their selection, including the order form.
verteltheater This is a content managed site for a large international festival. ieye designed and built the structure of the site based on design templates. All content in the site was then added by the festival organisers.

The CMS enabled the site administrator to simply edit and change the content every day.

Unfortunatly the festival is long over and the site no longer exists!

ieye media productions, Mauritsstraat 121, 3583 HM, Utrecht, The Netherlands