Video compositing and special effects are our specialty.

When you want to give picture to your imagination then there's no one better than ieye. We can help you right from the idea, working out the best way to shoot it, supervising the shooting, through to final delivery.

For compositing we use Shake, After Effects and Combustion, next to our workhorse Final Cut Pro. This allows us to achieve the most incredible results fast and efficiently.

Advait, ieye's founder, has worked as a compositor for twenty five years now. He was one of the first digital fx designers in the world and has worked on thousands of productions for just about every country in the world. He has won countless awards for compositing and special effects, including several International Monitor Awards.

More information (mostly in Dutch ;-) and examples can be found on my motion graphic design and After Effects website:

ieye media productions, Mauritsstraat 121, 3583 HM, Utrecht, The Netherlands